Spooky Scary Contests


Photo by Callie Bartelson (contributed photo)

For the student Halloween costume contest, freshman Isaiah Rivera dresses as a school girl. His costume ended up winning the contest.

Written by Amelia Meyers, Staff Member

Stuco set up a few contests in order to celebrate Halloween. They hosted contests for both carved and painted pumpkins for students. Principal Brent Harrell hosted a separate pumpkin decorating contest for staff.

There was also a Halloween costume contest. There were separate contests for students and staff. All of these competitions allowed the students to vote on their favorite submissions.

“Me and Caitlyn May have always done it since sophomore year,” said senior Katelyn Koester. “We have a little competition between the two of us.” 

The winner for the student costume contest was freshman Isaiah Rivera. He decided to dress as a school girl.

“I got a lot of compliments on how beautiful I was and how I was a baddie in general,” said Rivera.

The student pumpkin painting contest was won by freshman Macie Hartman.

“I just really like using my imagination,” said Hartman. “I like to paint and do stuff because I really like fall.” 

The staff costume contest was won by music director Stephanie Bodley, who dressed as Ms. Frizzle. The staff pumpkin decorating contest was won by art teacher Marissa Ray.