Senior Spotlight

Written by Faith Rivera, Staff Member

What is your advice for next year’s seniors?

Kutter Barnes: Don’t start bad habits early in high school.












Hayley Grimm: Don’t take it so seriously. No reason to stress yourself out over things you can’t control.













Kara Zoglmann: The biggest thing is don’t procrastinate, and high school is a roller coaster, so buckle up for the ride.












What are your plans for next year?

Kutter Barnes: Finish my automotive degree at Cowley, and then just see what I’m interested in after that.

Hayley Grimm: I was going to take a gap year, and then do online college for interior design.

Kara Zoglmann: I plan to go to Fort Hays State University and major in Diagnostic Imaging.


What do you think you’ll miss the most about high school?

Kutter Barnes: How easy it is and seeing the teachers and other classmates every day.

Hayley Grimm: Probably the overall interaction with people that I’m not going to see

Kara Zoglmann: Probably being with all of my friends every day and getting to have a close relationship with my teachers.