Senior Spotlight

Written by Kadence Kreuzburg, staff member

What are your plans for next year?

Kade Carver: go to college










Adrienne May: Go to college for something with kids and get a job.










Jose Robles: Shoot, probably attending WSU Tech.










What is your favorite high school memory?

Kade Carver: Blammin’, wammin’, slammin’, jammin’, crammin’.

Adrienne May: Playing tennis or just walking in the halls and saying hi to everyone; well, almost everyone.

Jose Robles: It’s going to be when I win state football.


What is your advice for next year’s seniors?

Kade Carver: Don’t take animal science as your extra class, if you have an extra class.

Adrienne May: Just have fun. Don’t care about what others think.

Jose Robles: It’s your last year, so have fun