Student Publications Attend KSPA Conference


Photo by Tamara Salisbury

Members of Student Publications sit and wait for the KSPA Fall conference opening keynote Oct. 3. They traveled to WSU this year where they listened to lectures.

Written by Madison Mishler, staff member

The journalism staff headed to WSU for the Fall KSPA Conference on Oct. 3. The conference was about various topics in journalism from captions and headlines to capturing a moment in photography. This was the first fall conference KSPA has hosted in the last three years.

The event was kicked off with an introduction and a guest speaker. Event organizers brought in Jeff Herndon from KSN News to talk about the human connection. After Herndon was done speaking, everyone broke out and went to different rooms to learn more on different topics in journalism. 

“The most notable moment was the sports photo lecture because it really helped me out a lot with what to do with sports photos,” sophomore Faith Rivera said. “Since we are a sports-oriented school it’s really nice to know how to take those photos the best you can.”

At a few of the sessions, they had students from the student-led news source, The Sunflower, to talk during them. 

“[I probably learned the most in] the journalism after high school session,” said freshman Amelia Meyers. “It was really nice to learn about how college works more and how journalism works in college.” 

The advisers from each school also met up and talked about changing the winter conference up a bit. They talked about changing it from being a contest to more of a workshop. They also discussed an app called Otter.

“I learned about a new app for recording and transcribing interviews and have already put it into practice,” said journalism adviser Tamara Salisbury.