Tennis Top Dogs


Photo by Amelia Meyers

At home Sept. 13, freshman Morgan Koester is up to serve. She was competing in singles at the meet.

Written by Amelia Meyers, Staff Member

The girls tennis team is off to a start after their first match Aug. 30. This year they’ve got many freshmen. In fact, out of the 12 members, more than half of them are freshmen. This year’s team members are senior Adrienne May; juniors Grace Bender, Natalie Doffing, Janel Meyer, and Haylee Osner; and freshmen Anna Bender, Bethany Hollis, Morgan Koester, Sadie Koester, Hayley Pauly, Aliette Potts, and Madelyn Stevens.

Although many of the players are freshmen, most of them have been playing tennis for years. Several of them have been playing since elementary school. 

“I think it’s nice because more freshmen means that there will be a lot more seniors and then more of them can go to state,” May said.

The girls have many reasons for deciding to play tennis.

“[I chose tennis] because tennis is a great sport,” Stevens said, “and I am very bad at volleyball.”

The girls said they have a lot they want to do this year. They have many goals they would like to achieve. 

“I hope to get three medals, and I hope that varsity goes to state,” Potts said. 

The players this year seem to enjoy the sport. 

”It’s very fun and you get to have fun with your teammates,” Potts said. “People should at least try tennis. I’m happy I decided to play tennis over any other sport.”

The team has had six meets so far this year, and the varsity plays again at home on Thursday.