CPL League Art Contest


Photo by Kristi Stevens

The art students attending the CPL League Art Contest stand outside Belle Plaine. The contest was held April 26 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

Last week on Tuesday, nine art students took a trip to Belle Plaine High School for the CPL League Art Contest. The event was held in the school’s gymnasium, which was filled with unique art of all kinds. Each student brought art pieces to be displayed in the gym and later judged. 

“I feel like it is a fun event for people to be creative and express ourselves,” senior Robin Heimerman said.

Along with the judging, a special contest was held in which each school had an hour to create six monoprints each. At the end of the hour, a guest speaker gave a speech before the winners of each art medium and the monoprint contest were announced.

“It was an experience different from any we’ve done before,” said junior Hayley Grimm.

 Unfortunately, Conway Springs did not place in any categories.

“I heavily disagree with the placements and how the judging is done, because they go off realism,” Heimerman said. “They heavily focus on realism instead of creativity.”

Some students said they felt that the art was judged unfairly; however, some had a different reason as to why they didn’t place. Current art teacher Haley Hendrickson has been on an extended absence since spring break this year. 

“She was a big part we missed out on,” Heimerman said.

Students said they greatly miss her presence in the art room.

“I think our trip to Belle P

laine was much needed for all of the students who were able to go. When we got back I feel like I had a good break from school stress,” senior Cassidy Beal said. “Being able to see all the art styles can really uplift a mood and I think everything I saw put me in awe at the event.”