Cardinals Powerlifting Invitational


Photo by Janel Meyer

During the invitational lift, freshman Blair Fisher competes in clean. “I’m glad I know what to do next time,” she said.

Written by Zachary Daily, staff member

By pushing weight and pushing themselves, the Cardinals competed in the Conway Springs Powerlifting Invitational March 12. In mens, the Cardinals placed seventh, 15th in womens, and fifth in junior mens. Some of the lifters expressed dissatisfaction with their placement.

“I’m not satisfied with it at all, because I’m disappointed in myself,” freshman Blair Fisher said. 

Similarly, sophomore Grace Bender said she was dissatisfied.

“I did not do good,” she said. “I thought I would place higher.” 

Students also recognized why they placed the way they did and so knew what to work on next time.

“[My problem was] just not getting parallel on squat,” senior Nathan Doffing said. 

Sophomore Blake Pauly, another student competing in squat, had similar difficulties. 

“I couldn’t really get parallel on my squats,” he said. 

While the students did have difficulty, they did say they had a positive experience. 

“It was alright,” Pauly said. “Just drank a couple energy drinks and got it done.” 

One student is also looking forward to the next meet. 

“Now I’m glad I know what to do next time,” Fisher said. 

While Fisher looked forward to the next meet, Doffing reflected on the time he has spent lifting, now that he is a graduating senior. 

“It’s an outlet for whenever I have emotions built up,” he said. “I use those emotions to push weight, and you don’t have to rely on anyone else when you’re lifting, it’s all on yourself. If you fail some it’s your bad, if you get some it’s your good.”