Journalism Students visit WSU for Regionals


Written by Aubrey Gerlach, staff member

On Feb. 16, the journalism class went on a trip to WSU for Regionals where they got to take 40-minute classes for things they wanted to learn about. The first thing they did while they were there was go to the opening ceremony, which included some awards from previous years and helped them navigate through the student union to get to their classes. 

“(The most entertaining part was) the opening ceremony. It was a lot of fun because the announcers were telling jokes,” said senior Zach Daily.

Sessions included everything from sports photography to helpful ways to encourage your staff.

“I really enjoyed the sports photography class because it was extremely educational and I learned a lot,” sophomore Kira Forrest said. “I used his advice to see which photo I would use for the KSPA competition.”

Instead of having an in-person competition at the college like normal, they had all of the contests online. Contests were held in categories such as photography, editorial cartoon, copy editing, and writing. Senior Cassidy Beal was awarded second place in yearbook sports writing and fourth place in yearbook copy writing.

“I competed in yearbook copy writing and yearbook sports writing. I chose these because I felt most comfortable in those categories due to doing them in previous years,” she said.

Other students who placed in competitions were:

Daily, fifth place in sports writing

Forrest, second place in student life photography and fifth place in sports photography

sophomore Aubrey Gerlach, third place in editorial cartoon

junior Cheyanne Tull, third place in yearbook copywriting

senior Rosalyn Zoglmann, first place in news writing and sixth place in editorial writing.