Conway attends the Academic Olympics


Photo by Pratt Community College staff (contributed)

Conway Springs students sit in the gym before the Olympics start. The Academic Olympics were held on Feb. 28 this year.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

Every year, students who excel in certain subjects ride to Pratt Community College to compete in the Academic Olympics. The Academic Olympics is an event where students from schools around Kansas compete in different subjects. The categories varied, from art and photography, to physics and American history, and even auto mechanics. 

“I got out of school, and it was free food, the food was good,” junior Colby Koster said.

This year, the Academic Olympics was on Feb. 28. Students arrived at the school an hour early and loaded up onto the bus to start their 40-minute drive to Pratt.

“I felt that it was a very fun experience,”  junior Hayley Grimm said. “I actually enjoyed going and I saw a lot of new pieces of art that I would love to incorporate and get new creative thoughts from.”

Grimm participated in the quick draw session, in which students had an hour to create still art from a display set up on a table.

“I enjoyed it; it was fun,” sophomore Riley Johnsen said. “I participated in Spanish 1 and Chemistry.”

Overall, Conway Springs placed third in the large school division. Five students from Conway placed first in their category, five placed second, and three placed third.

Senior Jaden Meyer placed first in Auto Mechanics, which also earned him a toolbox. Senior Jace Pauly earned a tool set for placing second in the same category.


Students who placed top three were: 


First place

Colby Koster – Physics

Lance Pauly – American Government

Jaden Meyer – Auto Mechanics

Emma Zoglmann – General Business


Second place

Colby Koster – Accounting and American History

Jace Pauly – Auto Mechanics

Kevin Ebenkamp – Biology I

Janel Meyer – Nutrition

Cheyanne Tull – Journalism Sports Writing


Third place

Katelyn Koester – Algebra II/Trig

Emma Zoglmann – Art Ceramics

Janel Meyer – Journalism Sports Writing