Another year, another two tryouts


Photo by C. Tull

At the pep rally on Feb. 12. junior Hannah Zoglmann throws treats into the crowd. Zoglmann will be a returning to cheer team in 2022-23.

Written by Mya Scott, staff member

With the end of the basketball season, it was time to pick next year’s cheer and dance team. Time to say “goodbye” to the seniors who are leaving and to say “hello” to a new batch of cheerleaders and dancers. The two organizations held their tryouts during different weeks. Cheer held theirs the week before spring break; the actual tryout day was on Friday, March 11.

This year, for the first time in recent memory, there was a male that tried out: sophomore Riley Johnsen.

“I was honestly very nervous about it because there hasn’t been one [a male cheerleader] in a long time,” Johnsen said. “But I’m glad that I made it because it might inspire other people.”

Unlike Yoder’s first year as cheer coach, more than enough people tried out. The current team’s peppiness and teamwork inspired some to join. 

“[I went out for cheer] because I saw how the people were last year,” said freshman Lacey Kelly. “They seemed like nice people to be around.”


2022-23 cheer team:

Senior: Hannah Zoglmann

Juniors: Riley Johnsen, Mya Scott, Makenna Wylie, and Julia Zoglmann

Sophomores: Lacey Kelly and Jan Stuhlatz

Freshman: Tabitha Wykes 

The week after spring break, dance tryouts were held. That week consisted of practicing routines and cartwheels. The big day of tryouts was Thursday, March 24, under the direction of dance coach Sara Reith. 

Despite the week of preparations for the tryouts, some still felt anxious at the prospect of trying out.

“[I felt] nervous [because of] the anticipation,” said sophomore Jewelianne Allmond. 

Despite the fear she felt, sophomore Kirsten Whitney said she was still excited to try out. 

“[I went out again] because I have danced for two years now, and I really enjoy having something to do in the morning and at games,” Whitney said.


2022-23 dance team: 

Senior: Caitlyn May

Juniors: Jewelianne Allmond, Natalie Doffing, Kira Forrest. Haylee Osner, and Kirsten Whitney

Sophomores: Brooke Beck, Bailey Kennard, and Adaline Pauly