Cardinal Girls take on Regionals and State


Photo by Janel Meyer

Senior Ally Lange competes in the final match of Regionals at Collegiate. Lange ended the regionals tournament in fourth place and went on to compete in State.

Written by Janel Meyer, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief

The girls tennis team headed to Collegiate on Oct. 8 and 9 for Regionals Tennis. Two doubles teams and two singles players battled for the chance to go to state. After two long days, the team finished up the weekend with getting runner-up. Individually, senior Loren May and sophomore Haylee Osner got third place, and junior Adrienne May and sophomore Janel Meyer got fifth in doubles. Senior Ally Lange received fourth in singles.

“I was really nervous for the first match of regionals, since if you lose the first match in regionals you’re out,” Adrienne said.

Both doubles teams qualified for state, and Lange qualified for singles. The State Championship this year was held at Maize South High School. This is much closer to home than they are used to, since the previous years the event was in Kansas City.

“I liked how it was close to home, so my parents could come and watch,” Lange said.

After a send-off at the end of eighth hour for all the girls going, State was on Oct. 15 and 16. May and Osner made it to the second day of the bracket, ending the season with a second place medal from State.

“I was nervous at Regionals, but I wasn’t really nervous at State because we had nothing to lose,” replied Osner.