Rolled Ice Cream, Here to Stay?


Photo from Himachal Pradesh

Written by Janel Meyer, staff member

The latest wave of ice cream trends seems to be here to stay. Rolled ice cream was first done in 2009 in Thailand, but it didn’t gain traction until 2015, when they started popping up all over the East Coast, according to The Orange County Register. One rolled ice cream shop came to Wichita in February 2018. This specific branch is called Freezing Moo, but there are many different chains of these types of stores. Even though it seems to be popular, I do not recommend it.

One reason that it is so popular could be how it is an experience to get it. They make it right in front of you, so you get to see them roll it out. There is also a variety of toppings you can mix and match. Another thing that seems to add to its popularity is the aesthetic, which partly is due to all the toppings that are usually put in it.

It differs from normal ice cream in the way it has no air in it. Some might take that as a good thing because it is making it denser. It really just seems to make the ice cream icy and crumbly, going against the fluffy and airy texture that makes traditional ice cream appetizing. Plus, the rolls are very thin and make the ice cream melt very fast, leading to disappointment. 

Although there have been many rolled ice cream chains that have popped up, even their managers are expecting this to be a trend that eventually dies off, according to Spoon University. To ensure they stay in business, they are keeping their menus very diverse. Rolled ice cream has been here for a few years now and seems to be doing good so far, but that might be because of the reasons it got popular in the first place. I give rolled ice cream 2 out of 5 cardinal heads.