‘Money Heist’ is full of surprises


Written by Cheyanne Tull, staff member

“Money Heist,” first released in 2017 on Netflix, has skyrocketed in popularity throughout the last couple of years with the release of new seasons. 

The first season is about a very large bank heist based in the Bank of Spain to uncover truths about where money is dispersed and how it is dispersed corruptly, and the first season only paved the way for the action-packed seasons to come. There are five parts to this marvelous show already, with the newest release being Sept. 3.

This show is one of my favorites because it keeps you on your toes and leaves cliffhangers that have you dying to see the next season. There is a lot of emotional trauma and big ideas in the show that make it exquisite and always unknown. For example, the person in charge of these heists thinks of anything and everything that could go wrong and finds a solution for how it could be solved even when you don’t think it is possible. He selects ex-cons that do the breaking in and become a part of his master plan, creating a big family as they go through these heists and their hardships together.  

I think everyone should watch this show because it teaches important life lessons and features the best actors and actresses to play the roles. I give this show 5 out of 5 cardinal heads.