New activity representatives elected for Stuco


Photo by Lifetouch

2020/2021 Student Council

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

After holding Class Officer elections weeks earlier, the Student Council held Activity Rep elections. The elections were spread out over the course of two weeks. Most of the Activity Reps have already been elected except for the Music Representative, which will be elected on Thursday, May 6. All races were uncontested.

Freshman Mya Scott ran for Drama Representative and was officially elected on Tuesday, April 27.

“[I ran because] I wanted to be on Stuco and I didn’t know if anyone else was going to run,” Scott said. “I wanted representation for the Drama department.”

This is some students’ first times being in Stuco, whereas others have already been in Stuco in past years. Junior Rosalyn Zoglmann is one of the returning Stuco members, and she said her Stuco experience so far has been good..

“I like having a say and being able to bring mine and others’ opinion in Stuco,” Zoglmann said. “I’m looking forward for more people to join, and I think it’s starting to become more popular in the school.”

The Student Council has been made up of mostly girls, so some boys have joined Stuco as representatives. Freshman Brayden Kunz is Pep Club Rep, and junior Lance Pauly is Boys’ Athletics Rep.

“[I joined Stuco] so that way the girls won’t run the school and the boys have a voice in it,” Pauly said. “[I’m looking forward to] being able to plan out school activities.”