Unfortunate weather rains upon the Conway track meet


Photo by Karlie Biehler

During the 4×800 meter relay, sophomore Zach Johnson sprints his last 100 meters before he hands the baton off to the next runner. This took place at the home track meet April 9.

Written by Owen Balman, staff member

Spring comes with a variety of events and activities for the end of the school year, such as the track season, which has already kicked off with a few meets. However, Spring also comes with some wild weather patterns, which were not optimal for the home meet on April 9. Weather was looking promising before the meet, but then it changed around the time the meet started. Wind speed started to rise, air began to chill and rain poured during the running events. 

Some events even required extra helpers or alterations in order to adapt to the abrupt change. For example, the pole vault mats were rotated so that jumpers could perform with the wind instead of against it.

“The way the pole vault mats were changed helped me out greatly,” said sophomore Blake Davis. “I think I did pretty well considering that I almost met my personal record that meet.”

However, some participants weren’t so lucky. A majority of the throwers had to perform their events not exactly against the wind, but at a certain angle where the wind could cause their throws to not go as far or to go out of bounds. 

“Due to the weather conditions, this meet wasn’t my best,” said freshman Gunner Williams. “In most of my events, the weather wasn’t exactly in my favor, but at least we weren’t going directly against it.”

While the Conway track team wasn’t at their best this meet, there are still many opportunities to improve in the future ones. As the track season continues, the unpredictability of spring weather will come along with it.

“Personally, I think I did a good job at the meet, but the weather definitely affected how I ran,” said junior Rosalyn Zoglmann. “It was so windy that I had to lean forward to fight the wind in the 4x800m relay. The competition was also heavy since it was a home meet where we get a lot of big schools to compete against.”