Seniors serve it up with the faculty


Photo by JoEllen Reep

After the volleyball games were over, senior Sadie Schmanke gives her father and second grade teacher Keith Schmanke an air high five through the net. This took place during the senior faculty games in the high school gym March 30.

Written by Owen Balman, staff member

The school year is coming to an end, which means the seniors have less than a month of school days to attend before they move on. But as tradition goes, they were able to participate in some friendly competition in the high school gym with the teachers on March 30. The school has been putting on senior faculty games for several years as a fundraiser for the senior class.

“The event is something that I look forward to every year,” said administrative assistant Daphne Kennard. “It was really fun to play with the students, especially with Keith Schmanke on our team. He was our secret weapon.”

Normally, the senior faculty games consist of both volleyball and basketball; however, the only game this time around was volleyball. This was due to not many male teachers being able to show up for the event, preventing basketball from being played.

“I liked the games, but I wish we could’ve done more than volleyball,” said senior Jacob Stuhlsatz. “I think it would’ve brought more people to participate since people have different tastes in sports.”

Considering volleyball was the sport being played, many volleyball players were present at the games, such as senior Kyla Echelberry.

“Being in volleyball helped a little bit, but I haven’t played in months, so I was about on the same level as everyone else,” she said. “It was super fun. I found it entertaining to see our teachers outside of teaching and playing sports with us.” 

The seniors and faculty played three sets, and the faculty won every single one. Each team took a group picture afterward to commemorate the event.

“The games are always a fun tradition to have since it allows us to do something outside of our jobs,” said administrative assistant Shelly Lackey. “A good point of advice is to not dive for balls on this event. I’ve learned my lesson that it’s not worth getting burns on your knees.”