“What about the beavers?”


This is a picture of Brain Regan in some promotional art for his latest skit, “On The Rocks.”

Written by Owen Balman, staff member

If you are anything like me, you are missing live events. It has been over a year since I have been to a concert, and 2019 was the last time I saw a live comedy show. So, I was excited to see one of my favorite comedians, Brian Regan, had a new recorded live show on Netflix. 

The sketch is called “On The Rocks,” and it was filmed at the Tuacahn Amphitheater in Utah. Those familiar with Regan might be surprised to see him with grey hair, which he blames on COVID-19, saying he went into lockdown and “came out a senior citizen.” What was nice about this special is that that was the only mention of the virus and the pandemic. With its prevalence in news and media, it was a nice break to just hear silly observational humor about anything else.

Regan also does not get into politics, which is refreshing these days. Honestly, his comedy does not touch on pop culture at all; it is all pretty much funny anecdotes and experiences. The other thing I like about Brian Regan is that pretty much anyone can watch him without getting offended. He sticks to clean humor, so you can watch him with your grandparents without being worried he is going to be too raunchy.

Regan talks about his OCD, dislike of mushrooms and raisins, how to make conversation at parties, arguing with a person on whether animals are smarter than humans, especially beavers, and why he did not choose a life of crime. His bit about water and life on Mars was my favorite part. I laughed out loud throughout the entire hour long special. Regan’s facial expressions, voices and observations are so entertaining, and he always brings the routine around full circle at the end. I would rate Brian Regan’s “On The Rocks” five out of five cardinal heads, and I’d recommend it to anyone needing a laugh.