Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

What’s your favorite high school memory?















Ben Hartman: Sophomore year track











Lucy Boyles: When I made Mr. Bellar so mad at a tennis meet that he kicked a tree











Josh Bidwell: When we went to the band room during AP and jammed out



What advice do you have for next year’s seniors?


Hartman: Procrastination is an art — the real trick is to still get your work done

Boyles: Once 2nd semester hits it’ll feel like a downwards slide, but don’t let senioritis sink in

Bidwell: You don’t have another year to redo it–do it right the first time


What are your plans for next year?


Hartman: I’m going into the workforce

Boyles: I’ll be a freshman in the University of Nebraska

Bidwell: Save up money and move to Montana