Conway Springs participates in the CPL Music Festival


Photo by Karlie Beihler

Sophomores Landon Nelson and Veronica James practice their song. They rehearsed during their first hour choir class.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

On Feb. 27, band, choir, and Cardinalaires recorded their songs for the CPL Music Festival this year. In the past, they’ve gone to a different school in person to compete, however with COVID-19 precautions, everyone had to record their music and submit it.

“I wish we didn’t have to do it over video, and we could go to the performance in person,” junior Robin Heimerman said. “[But I liked that] if we didn’t do it to the standards the first time we could re-record.”

The Cardinalaires recorded a total of three songs. One song was sung by only the boys and choir, called “Who will be a Witness” and received a I rating. The second song had only the girls singing it was “In Flanders Fields,” and received a II rating. The last song sung by the entire Cardinalaires was “Wings,” which got a II rating.

“I liked that we recorded it cause it was less stressful,” senior Rylie Thompson said. “The Cardinalaires could have worked on their songs more.”

The band only played one song, called “Cumberland Cross.” They received a I rating for their performance.

“Overall it took a long time to get it good,” Heimerman said. “We got it to performance level but there’s still room to improve.”

Choir performed the song “Homeward Bound” and received a III rating.

“I liked the songs,” sophomore Landon Nelson said. “I wish we had more time to go through the music [and] practice.”