Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

What are your plans for after high school?















Dakota Beck: “I’m going to Butler. I’m going into interactive 3-D technologies.”











T.K. Maforo: “I’m going to K-State to major in kinesiology.”












Zach Wisdom: “Probably go to an apprentice thing for probably construction”











Marques Coursey: “I would like to go to the University of Kansas and study the fields of biochemical engineering, nutrition and marketing.”












Jacob Stuhlsatz: “Try to get into the local union for plumbing and pipe fitting”



What future career would you like?













Sydney Boese: “I don’t want a career, I want to work and travel. Like work in a city for some time then save up and move to a new city.”













Rylie Thompson: “Music therapist”












Blake Harrington: “So far, I’m still questioning that.”











Brynn Andra: “I plan on going to school to be a mortician after I graduate. I’m moving to Montana right after graduation.”












Isaac Meyers: “Maybe something to do with biology”