Rescheduled Games for Basketball


Photo by Cassidy Beal

During a game against Garden Plain, freshman Olivia Lange looks for an opening. The girls lost 33-42 to the owls.

Written by Natalie Drouhard, website editor-in-chief

Due to COVID-19 quarantines, many basketball games have had to be rescheduled. The week of Feb. 8-12 was filled with four days of rescheduled games. The winter storm caused the Monday and Tuesday, the 8th and 9th, games to be rescheduled yet again. Thankfully, despite being in online classes on Thursday, the rescheduled game was able to take place, as well as the game on the following Friday. 

The game on Feb. 12 was played at Belle Plaine. The boys lost 31- 47, and the girls won 39-34. 

The games against Belle Plaine went good because our team worked all together to get the win,” said freshman Haylee Osner. “Having the other games canceled changed our game plan because now we have to be prepared to play Independent, which are tall, fast, and have good shooting accuracy.”

The boys had felt optimistic leading into their game against Belle Plaine. 

Going in we had confidence because we had played them very close at home, but things did not go the way we wanted,” senior Heath Hilger said. “It hurt us, especially this late in the year when our games are numbered and substate is nearing.” 

Due to the first two games of the week being rescheduled, the last two games that were played were very different games from what the teams had prepared for.

“With the game at Belle Plaine, we were playing with some injuries and also the first game back for two of our players,” Hilger said. “I mean, it always helps to play more, so the games that were cancelled earlier that week definitely had us off our game mentally and physically.“

The game that took place on Thursday was home and Conway played Chaparral.

We had to shift our whole focus during practices to a different game plan to prepare for the next game,” said senior Jonathan Wright. “With the whole rescheduling it really bummed the team out because we always want to play and we don’t want to miss any games.”