Winter Formal plans still up in the air


Photo by Neal Zoglmann

Juniors Lauren Mercer and Emily Heimerman dance at the Winter Formal in 2019. Plans for this year’s Winter Formal are still up in the air.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

On Dec. 19, Stuco is hoping to hold the annual Winter Formal. On Dec. 10, principal Brent Harrell and Stuco sponsor Callie Bartelson will be talking to the Sumner County Health Department to determine if it is safe enough to hold the dance, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The mandatory precautions that have been taken for past events, like temperature checks and masks, will be applied if the formal is held. However, there will be new precautions being taken at the dance also. No photo booth company will attend, and the dance will be in the gym. In past years, the commons have been the dance location, decorated from ceiling to floor with all kinds of winter and Christmas decorations.

The commons will be open still for students to eat at instead of eating in the gym.  Now that both the gymnasium and the commons will both be in use, there will be a lot more space to be decorated.

“Yes (I think we should have the winter formal), so people can experience it and so seniors can have the winter formal,” freshman Brayden Kunz said. 

Most students seem to understand the precautions being taken, despite some disagreeing with them.

“I want the photo booth,” junior Monica Willson said. “I’m not very excited about the masks, but I understand, and I’m glad we’re taking the safety precautions.”

Students have mixed opinions about the winter formal this year. Some don’t think it should be held, while others think otherwise. 

“I think (the winter formal should be held),” sophomore Hannah Zoglmann said. “I think they need to be watching people to make sure they’re wearing their masks and whatnot.”