Christmas Concert pre-recorded this year


Photo by Zach Daily

The band records their part of the Winter Concert. They went on stage during their class period to record, and members of the Audiovisual class recorded them.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

The Conway Springs winter concert went differently this year. The band and choir pre-recorded their concert instead of holding it live like usual, taking the necessary precautions to be safer during the pandemic and the holiday season when families will be starting to get together.

“I’m kinda sad, but I’m glad that we’re getting to do it some way,” senior Molly Bender said, “If we’re recording and we mess it up we can re-record it.” 

The band recorded on Jan. 9, choir recorded on Jan. 8, and Cardinalaires recorded on Jan. 6. However, when a member of the high school choir had to quarantine, they re-recorded on Jan. 10. 

“It went great, but it could have been better,” sophomore choir member Veronica James said. “I think since there was no audience people didn’t care as much.”

Everyone definitely had their favorite songs to perform during the concert, whether they were in band, choir or Cardinalaires.

“‘That’s Christmas Time’ (is my favorite song). It just talks about how different Christmas is for everyone and the true meaning of it,” sophomore Melainy Kennard said. 

Kennard is in Cardinalaires, which only has eight members this year.

“I’d say (my favorite song is) ‘The Santa of Seville,’ because it’s like a fast beat,” Bender said. “It’s not just like a normal Christmas song; it’s quite dramatic.”