An ending in the stars

Written by Natalie Drouhard, website editor-in-chief

The football season was full of ups and downs for the 2020 team. A winning streak during league play boosted spirits and gave the cardinals a glimpse into the teams that would create their competition in the following years. In the regular season, the team only lost one game: the first game against Garden Plain. 

“I think that the season went pretty well. I expected to win a decent amount of games and to do pretty good,” senior Isaac Meyers said.

With new teams being played for most of the season, players were not always familiar with their style of play. However, the team progressed all the way to the sectional game against Inman, losing 6-46 for a final record of 9-2.

“Playoff games were definitely a different intensity, with a lot more on the line every night but were still locked in. Some advice I would give to any underclassman is to cherish team moments, because for me they will never be forgotten,” senior TK Maforo said. 

The 1A classification added a new challenge to games this year, but the cardinals went as far into the postseason as they had in previous years. 

“The season went better than expected because we lost a lot of senior leaders,”  junior Lance Pauly said. “I would rather play the old teams because they were more competitive for us. Next year, the seniors will need to follow in the footsteps of this year.”

While playing their final game of the season, the sideline raises their helmets in pride for their team. The cardinals lost their sectional game, finishing the season off with a 9-2 record. (Photo by Natalie Drouhard)