Written by Natalie Drouhard, website editor-in-chief

Despite this drastic change in everyone’s way of life, many things stay the same. One of those is Conway’s Student Council. As the new Stuco members are being decided, the current members are still working to keep the school’s spirit up. One way they did this was by having a virtual spirit week from April 6-10. 

“I feel a sense of responsibility because we are all trying to get through this together, but as Stuco we want to keep positive attitudes,” sophomore and spirit rep. Cassidy Beal said. “Designing the banner for the virtual spirit week was important because I want everyone to stick together and communicate that we can all be connected even though we can’t be together.”

Stuco shared their spirit week plans first through school social media platforms for them to spread to students and parents. The goal was to get as much exposure and participation as possible, which is the usual goal of spirit weeks, but this method required more work from Stuco members to really make the big pushes. 

“The virtual aspects are new to us all, but we have to adapt and I feel that there are people in Stuco who are up to the challenge and also some who have stopped doing their jobs,” senior and president Neal Zoglmann said. “I thought spirit week would do better than it did as we only had a few people outside of Stuco members participate. We don’t have anything else planned right now, but we might try again in the future.” 

Although not many students outside of Stuco participated on every day of the virtual spirit week, that is normal for even at school spirit weeks. 

“I was very glad to see that the school wanted to do something that would get us all to interact. I enjoyed getting to see other people participate even though there weren’t many who did, which is sad. A lot of people have lost spirit, and I think our Stuco did a great job overall,” junior Karlie Biehler said. 

Photo by Jayden Stanley
Virtual spirit week had many days with PJ day being a favorite. For this day, senior Jayden Stanley posed for a picture to share with everyone her outfit.