Students perform at league music contest


Written by Stephanie Brozovich, editor-in-chief

On March 4, the high school music departments took students to compete in the Central Plains League contest. Students left for Belle Plaine at 7 a.m., quickly performed, and were back around 12 p.m. While there, the band and Cardinalaires, as well as solos and ensembles, competed.

“It was nice hearing all the instruments and blending,” freshman and clarinetist Adrienne May said.

This year’s competition was different in Conway as there was less participation. Band and Cardinalaires both competed like normal, but this year the choir did not go due to the number of performances allowed per student. In addition to the large groups, there were 11 soloists who competed.

“It wasn’t that bad this year. I wasn’t as nervous,” senior and vocalist Neal Zoglmann said. “Speech helped with practice getting in front of people.”

The band started the day off with their two pieces “Music of the Water” by Darren W. Jenkins, followed by “Castlebrooke Overture” by Claude T. Smith. After the band was choral performances. The Cardinalaire men performed their piece “My Wild Irish Rose” by Chauncey Olcott with the ladies next, performing “Let Beauty Awake” by Lightfoot. Finally, Cardinalaires finished off the day with the piece “River Song” by Andy Beck.

Results came back in outstanding or excellent categories. Both the band and Cardinalaires received I ratings. The girls and boys groups of Cardinalaires both received II ratings.

“I’m pretty happy we got a I,” sophomore and saxophonist Ian Solomon said. “Personally I feel we should’ve gotten a II and could’ve done better.”

League is often viewed as more laid back with less stress. Students use this as an opportunity to practice and hear what they need to work on for Regionals. The Regional performance, scheduled for March 28 at Butler Community College has higher stakes as it determines if the students will move on to the State competition.