Winter Homecoming renews a chilly rivalry


Photo by Stephanie Brozovich

During Friday’s game of Castles, math teacher Jeff Lantz prepares to throw a ball at a junior. The game ended with a win by the juniors, who also won the overall competition.

Written by Annette Berntsen, copy editor

Winter Homecoming: one of the most competitive times of the school year. During this time, students participated in the traditional competitions: spirit days, wall decorating, Castles, the medallion hunt and the lip sync. 

“[My favorite homecoming activity was] lip sync, because it was entertaining,” freshman Adrienne May said. “It was fun to watch and fun to be in.”

The winners of the spirit day competition were freshman Colton Wolken, sophomore Averie Stull, junior Jonathan Wright, senior Seth Osner and faculty member Shelly Lackey. For wall decorating, the juniors came in first place, earning several points towards their overall score. The freshmen came in second, followed by a tie between the seniors and sophomores for third. As an extra point boost, the seniors found the medallion, following the given clues to locate it hidden in the gym. 

Castles was separated into two sessions, the first during AP on Tuesday and the second on Friday during the pep rally. This gave the seniors and juniors a little extra time to play against the faculty members, in which the students won both times. After a close game between the upper classes, the juniors got first place again, followed by seniors in second, sophomores in third and freshmen in fourth. 

“You can’t win them all I guess,” senior Cody Jones said. “You’ve got to accept fate.”

Another close competition was the lip sync. As one of the most highly competitive events of the school year, each class put in extra effort to make their performance the best. It was especially tense between the juniors and seniors as the seniors fought to make this their first lip sync win in their high school career. However, their hopes were crushed after losing to the juniors by only one point. As a result, the juniors won first place overall, followed by the seniors in second and sophomores and freshmen tied for third. 

“It wouldn’t be a CSHS Winter Homecoming without our class getting screwed over,” senior Dawson Martin said.