A crushing defeat

Written by Natalie Drouhard, website editor-in-chief

The game against Garden Plain is always the biggest basketball game of the year. With the Owls being our fiercest rivals, the turnout is always larger to support our varsity teams. This year was no exception. Although both Conway teams lost, they were battles well fought.

“Since I played MAYB with a lot of the girls there’s always that connection on the court,” junior Lizzy Curry said. “Conway and Garden Plain have always had comradery despite them being our biggest rivals. Either way it’s always a tough loss though.”

Garden Plain is a tough team to play, but both teams fought well and learned things to improve on for next time. The girls varsity lost 34-47, but fought hard to keep it close most of the game. 

“Several times we pulled close, but we just weren’t able to finish the game ahead,” assistant coach Justin Regehr said.

The boys varsity team lost 42-65 to the Owls, with Conway pulling close but never quite able to close the gap. Some in the community may see this as the biggest game, but the boys look to something larger.

“A lot of people see this game as the biggest game of the season, but it’s not,” senior Collin Koester said. “Every game matters for sure. The biggest game of the season will be at substate.” 

Photo by Cassidy Beal
During the boys basketball game against Garden Plain, senior Joshua Koester prepares for a free throw. Although the boys lost in the end, everyone played hard.