Volleyball season ends at substate


Photo by Cassidy Beal

At the tournament held in Chaparral on Sept. 21, senior Karley Mooneyham tips the ball over the net.

Written by Brynn Andra, staff member

This year Sub-State was held at Sterling High School. The Cardinals were only able to play one game against the Sedgwick Blackbears, losing 16-25  and 17-25.

“Even though we lost in two matches the girls kept their heads up and held their own during the entire game and never gave up,” assistant coach Whitney Long said. “They might have fallen short in the end, but their level of play was enough to intimidate the other team at times.” 

The girls practiced on Thursday and Friday before the game even though there was no school and worked on their out-of-system plays and back row coverage and attacks. 

“We worked really hard and pushed ourselves in the game,” junior Lizzy Curry said. “I think that the practices on Thursday and Friday when there wasn’t any school really helped.” 

For some of the players, it was their last season. The varsity team has three seniors leaving this year, including Madison Pauly. 

“I believe that we could’ve gone into three sets, but in the end we played very well,” she said. “We fought for every point that we got, and everyone played as hard as they could. It was a bittersweet ending because the beginning was rough, but we pulled through in the end and finished strong for Karley, Kelly, and I’s last high school volleyball game.”