Students audition for SCKMEA honor choir/band


After auditioning, students participating in honor choir/band pose in a group photo. Eight students auditioned that day, and three were selected for the performance in December. Photo by Neal Zoglmann

Written by Stephanie Brozovich, editor-in-chief

On Nov. 2, CSHS students traveled to Goddard Eisenhower to audition for the SCKMEA district honor band and choir. Eight Conway students were taken to auditions; seven for choir and one for band. .

“It didn’t go as well as I hoped, but I still got in, so it went okay,” junior and oboist Isaac Meyers said.

Students who auditioned were seniors Austin Doffing, Cierra Hiser, Taylor Schulte, and Neal Zolgmann; juniors Sydney Boese, Meyer and Rylie Thompson; and freshman Cheyanne Tull. 

Prior to auditions, students ordered and practiced their music to hopefully perfect their audition. For Meyers, this means getting your music and practicing during the summer before the school year starts. Several different schools attended and only a certain number of musicians for each part were selected. 

“I was pretty happy with the results because I messed up but still made it as an alternate,” Schulte said.

Three students were selected from Conway: Schulte for alternate soprano, Meyers for oboe, and Tull for alto. These students will travel to Wichita East High School on Dec. 7 to group up with other people in their parts and practice the music for their performance later that day. This is a great time for the students to enjoy the songs they have been practicing and meet other people with similar interests.

“[I’m looking forward] being with other people because when you get together as a group the music sounds more lively,” Tull said.