Stuco prepares for annual fundraiser

Written by Stephanie Brozovich, editor-in-chief

Before the month-long event, Stuco prepares to begin their annual apparel fundraiser. This fundraiser was originally scheduled to begin on Oct. 30 but was delayed. This will be Stuco’s main fundraiser for themselves as other fundraisers are shared with other organizations or proceeds go to different expenses and not the Stuco department itself.

“I feel this fundraiser will be very successful because it usually is and people like the apparel,” senior Tori Kunz said.

Preparing for this event, Stuco members decide on different designs and print off forms for buyers. Items sold in this fundraiser include hats, sweats, T-shirts and shorts. A newer item included this year is a Dri-fit hoodie. Before this date arrives, each Stuco member has a goal of selling at least five items before the fundraiser ends Nov. 18.

“I have a competition with myself to sell more than I did last year,” sophomore Monica Willson said. “Last year our goal was 5; I sold 33.”

After the fundraiser is over, proceeds go to the Stuco Department. This money is often used for regular events Stuco hosts or is in charge of, including vending machine items, homecoming dances and winter formal.

“We hope it brings in enough money to send kids to Stuco camp in the summer,” sponsor Callie Bartleson said. “It won’t bring in the full $600, but we hope it brings enough where a concession stand or two will cover the rest.”


Who: Stuco

What: apparel fundraiser

When: TBD – Nov. 15

Where: CSHS

Why: raise money for department

How: selling items