Singing for the soul


Written by Annette Berntsen, copy editor

A new student at the high school, senior Taylor Schulte knows how to get involved. She recently transferred from Argonia High School and is part of an Argonia youth group that has a unique quality – it has a band/choir for teenagers to participate in. 

“[I’ve been a part of this group] since the beginning of my sophomore year,” Schulte said. “We [the choir] try to get people to participate and worship with us through singing.”

The group meets every Wednesday night at 7:30 at the local Teen Center, and any teenager is allowed to participate. Occasionally, the group members do projects to help raise money for mission trips and other fun activities. 

“We do a lot of community-based service projects,” Schulte said. “We sometimes put on a rodeo and work concessions to help raise money for our group.” 

There are other students who participate in this group, but only three or four usually participate in the choir. Schulte is one of these few. 

“[I enjoy] just the fact that worship can move people and I can help others do that as well,” she said.