Music Department raises money for Florida

Written by Lucas Schulte

In the spring, the band and choir will be going to Florida to spend a week in Disney World. The choir group will be performing some Disney songs, and the band doesn’t know yet.  There will be approximately 54 people going. 

With this being such a big trip, both groups have already started fundraising. Just a few weeks ago they had a mattress sale fundraiser. They raised about $3,500.

“Selling mattresses seemed kind of strange, but it’s an easy thing to do,” band director Dennis Kerr said. 

Fundraising will go on until the time of the trip, March 19-25. One senior going on this trip is Brennon Hekel. He, along with others, said that he couldn’t wait for this trip. Another senior going on this trip is Cierra Hiser.

”I’m looking forward to going to Disney World and spending time with my friends,” she said.

Aside from performing, the students going on this trip get to have fun in the parks. With the trip being a week long, students get a chance to ride the different rides and enjoy other park activities.

“I’m looking forward to riding all the rides and hanging out with my friends,” junior Rylie Thompson said. “I feel like it’s going to be a good time with my friends.” 


At Fall Fest, junior Taryn Starks plays the flute. Fall Fest was on Sept. 28. The band performed several songs at the bandshell. Photo by Jayden Stanley.