FCCLA kicks off a new year

Written by Stephanie Brozovich, editor-in-chief

As a new school year starts, each organization’s members change and new staffs/teams are formed. With the new 2019-2020 school year, FCCLA  is already planning different projects to complete during the year. Each project revolves around the years theme, this years being a beach theme. The theme isn’t the only change, however, as this year more members are joining FCCLA.

“I’m glad [there being a larger group],” senior Madison Pauly said. “It means more people are becoming aware and wanting to help the community.”

In the previous year, there had been approximately 10 members in FCCLA. This year, FCCLA’s first meeting was Sept. 11, and approximately 20 students attended and expressed an interest in being a member. All it takes for these students to officially be members of FCCLA is paying a fee of $5 by the end of September. Once students become members, they attend biweekly meetings and carry out multiple projects throughout the year.

“I am looking forward to the Middle School dance and chillin’ with the middle schoolers,” senior Amy Zoglmann said.

During the first meeting, future members discussed some of the projects they would like to pursue this year. The group discussed items for the group itself, including their schedule for the year and t-shirt designs. Members also mentioned several things including hosting a middle school dance and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

“It seems fun,” senior Kara Koester said. “I’m looking forward to making memories and being with my friends.”