Students Getting Excited for Homecoming Week


Photo by Lexi Fisher

Written by Jade Leslie, staff member

With spirit week, the amazing race, floats, and homecoming coming up everyone is ready to show their school spirit! This is a week for everyone in a class to come together and compete with the other classes. Show your school spirit by participating in the events coming up this week.

Spirit week offers many ways for everyone to get involved throughout the week. The dress-up days are fake an injury day, class color day, Hawaiian day, mardi gras day, and red and white day.

The amazing race will be held on Friday. The participants will race around the school in various ways to the track where they pull vehicles. The winners of the race win points for their class.

“I am excited to participate in the race because I have been in it every year so it is a tradition,” junior Neal Zoglmann said.

Floats are also a big part of homecoming week. Every class makes a float and their float will be used in the parade on Saturday.

“I see a lot of people procrastinating,“ said senior Travis Willison. “But I hope they are better than our previous years because the competition between the classes is higher.”

The homecoming ceremony is on Friday at 6:30 pm. The game is against Trinity.

“I feel appreciated by the student body for having picked me for a candidate,” said senior Aaron May.


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Photo by Lexi Fisher