Is adoption too expensive?


Written by Rachel Ward, staff member

With the holidays quickly approaching, we hear multiple advertisements about the kids who are needing adopted. The thought of adoption seems like a scary decision to most people, but those who want to adopt children struggle to pay for the extensive expenses upfront. Even for middle-class citizens, it is difficult to begin the adoption process.

There are multiple expenses that come along the way of adoption; home studies, country fees and travel expenses. Some of these expenses are necessary for the guarantee of a loving, safe home for the children moving into their adoptive parents’ home. But are these expenses too much? According to Julie Gumm, it costs an average of $2,000 to $30,000 to adopt a child internationally and domestically. 

I believe that adoption costs may be expensive, but most of them are necessary to ensure the safety of the child/children that are being placed in a new home. According to Gumm, most of the costs go towards what is considered ‘legal fees’. The processing of the legal information and the amount of work needed to complete such a complicated process make the dollar amount rise dramatically.

In some cases, the child’s biological families help in some way for the medical expenses, if adopting a newborn. Newborn adoptions are more common than international adoptions here in the U.S. due to meeting the birth-parents beforehand, and it is typically cheaper than international adoptions. Most people want to avoid debt in adoption as much as possible, which is key to being financially stable when taking in a child. 

All of the additive costs to adoption aren’t just thrown out there for the state’s benefit, they are ensuring that the child will have a good life and that all legal issues are taken care of. . Adoption can be a whirlwind of emotions, financial stress, and happiness. Yes, the cost to adopt a child in need is a lot, but it’s not the cost that matters, it is giving that child the life they deserve and couldn’t have without you.