Juniors kick off prom fundraising


Photo by Lexi Fisher

Junior class getting their spirit up before homecoming game last year.

Written by Rachel Ward, staff member


The junior class kicked off their prom fundraising on Sept. 3. Each individual who wants to attend prom has to raise or pay $100, which accommodates for decorations, food and the D.J. This fundraiser included magazines, food mixes, popcorn and candy. Being able to have a variety of products, you aren’t limited to one thing. 

The junior class sponsors, English teacher Tamara Salisbury and Spanish teacher Sally Hardy are in charge of choosing a fundraiser that they believe is best for the class of 2021 to make their money off of. This fundraiser has been used for multiple years. It has had a lot of success over the years and has helped students raise the money they need to put towards giving them a memorable prom. 

“I thought it was a good sale for the school and that we had a good variety of things to sell,” Riley Fisher said. 

This fundraiser offers a little bit of everything and can be affordable to anyone wanting to help the students. 

“I like this fundraiser because it offers a mix of different things and has a good amount of price ranges,” Mrs. Salisbury said. 

Even though the students didn’t set a goal on how many items to sell, some set personal goals to try to meet their $100. 

“I didn’t sell as many as I hoped, but I was able to sell some,” Molly Bender said. “I am closer than I was thought to the $100 I need to raise, so I am happy.”