Art class becomes popular among students


Written by Abbygayl Botkin

As a new school year starts, teachers gain one more year of experience with students. One of these teachers is art teacher Whitney Long, who will be going into her second year of teaching at CSHS. In total this school year, there are 84 students taking a fine arts class with Ms. Long. 

Art can be a very open and fun class for many. These classes give students an opportunity to have a good time with friends while getting their work done. The exchange of ideas also give them many different elements to their projects and build the skills of teamwork. 

“I like that you can communicate with friends during the hour,” sophomore Izic Billups said. 

 Junior Rylie Thompson participates in Art 2 this year, which is currently working with two point perspective. In perspective projects, you create an illusion of three-dimensions on a two-dimensional surface, using a horizon line and vanishing points.

When asked what she liked about the class, Thompson responded with “I like being able to be given an outline, and doing whatever I want with it.” 

Senior Bailey Barkley is taking Art 3 this year, and is currently working on a portrait of a celebrity. During the course of the class, Barkley found some aspects that she enjoyed about being in the class.

“I like how I get to do my own thing and it acts as a stress reliever,” Barkley said