Graduation comes closer

Written by Lawrence Pauly, staff member

As the end drew near for the school year, it was even closer for the seniors of the Class of 2019. Their final day of class was on May 6, and their graduation day is May 12. The senior sponsors, industrial arts teacher Bryan Bates and special education teacher Jennifer Kunz, are busy at work preparing for graduation, while the seniors’ anticipation grows. There will be 41 students graduating this year, getting them out of class 10 days before the juniors and the underclassmen.

“I enjoy the thought of never stepping through the front doors again and moving on with my life,” Dominic Pauly said.

The CSHS band will begin the ceremony by playing “Pomp and Circumstance” by Sir Edward Elgar, directed by band teacher Dennis Kerr, accompanying the seniors’ walk in with the junior escorts Collin Koester, Joshua Koester, and Amy Zoglmann. The welcome speaker from the senior class will be Mariah Morris, and once she’s done, principal Brent Harrell will take the stage and speak.

“I’m proud of myself [for being chosen to speak], but I’m nervous to speak in front of so many people,” Morris said.

After Mr. Harrell has finished speaking, the Cardinalaires will perform  “For Good” from the hit musical “Wicked.” The salutatorian and valedictorian addresses will follow, given by Nathan Ohl and Molly Schmanke, respectively.

After the speeches will be the band’s song “Where the Sun Breaks Through the Mist.” Mr. Harrell will again take the stage, announce the class, and then the Board of Education’s President Curtis Winter will hand out the diplomas to the students that earned them over four years of hard work.

To conclude the ceremony, Mr. Harrell will give the closing speech and then, as tradition, the seniors will toss their caps into the air while the band plays them out to “Recessional.”.

“I can’t believe I’ve waited for so long for graduation, but I get sadder as it gets closer because I know this will be the last time I see everyone in the same room together,” senior Lexi Fisher said.

The ceremony will begin at 2 p.m. on May 12 in the high school gymnasium. Everyone is invited to join the Class of 2019 to celebrate.


Who: Senior class

What: Graduation

When: May 12 at 2 p.m.

Where: CSHS gym