A Night to Remember

Written by Annette Berntsen, copy editor

On Dec. 1, Stuco hosted their annual winter semi-formal. This year’s theme was “The Chronicles of Narnia,” complete with a wardrobe entrance, a lion, a throne, and a lampost surrounded by forest. Snacks and drinks were provided. Students were given three tickets at the door for a photo booth.

However, the new photo booth rules received mixed reviews. Some thought that it wasn’t a great idea.

“I thought it was trash,” freshman Allyson Lange said. “People would lose tickets, and some would want to take more than three pictures.”

Others thought that it was more beneficial.

“I thought it was a better system to control the flow of people wanting pictures,” senior Nathan Ohl said. “There wasn’t anybody taking 20 pictures, and it was easier on the school.”

However, the DJ was one of the highlights of the event.

“The DJ played good music,” sophomore Sadie Schmanke said. “He didn’t play an entire song, and he mixed them together and made something new.”

Overall, there were more students attending than expected; Stuco even ran out of snacks and drinks.

“I made memories with friends, and we all had a good time dancing,” Schmanke said.