Spooky Seniors

Written by Jayden Stanley, yearbook assistant editor

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Trying something new for Halloween this year, seniors Lyle Cornejo and Brenden May worked at Warehouse of Terrors, in Suppesville, Kan.

Dressed as a butcher, Cornejo’s job was to hide in the corner of the butcher shop and wait for people to walk in. Once they walked in, he jumped out with a chainsaw to scare the people. As the visitors walked by, he would follow them through the fridge and hit the walls with a wooden stick. The job could be dangerous, though.

“I almost got knocked out,” said Cornejo. “ I stepped out from behind a palette, and homeboy wound up to swing.”

May dressed as a werewolf and hid in a dog house waiting for people to walk by. When they did, he jumped out and scared them, following them and making loud noises.

“I made a kid jump over a fence,” said May.

Cornejo said they went to Warehouse of Terrors for fun one weekend. They were going through the warehouse when they saw Phil, a worker, staring at them from behind a fence, about to scare them. Cornejo and May asked Phil if they were hiring. Phil told them to talk to Ron, the ticket taker. When they talked to Ron, he had the boys write their names and numbers down. Ron later called Cornejo and May and said they could work the next two weekends for $25 a night.