Senior class needs to sell fruit to fundraise money for the senior trip


Photo by Averie Stull

Written by Averie Stull

On Oct. 19, the senior class received packets to sell fruit and had a meeting with their class sponsors to discuss pricing and important dates.

The fruit comes from a Texas company called Seitz and will come in bulk packed into boxes. This selling of fruit is a fundraiser for the senior trip. The senior class so far is undecided on where they will go.  

“We’ve heard ideas from around Kansas City to Branson,” senior class sponsor Jennifer Kunz said. “Some want to stay close to do things, and some want to go farther.” 

 Each student needs to sell at least 20 items to go on the trip. While some seniors are hoping to do just fundraising, others are going to pay the amount needed.

 “I’m probably going to do both because people like to buy fruit. but I don’t like to fundraise as much,” senior Taryn Starks said. “With COVID, we’re trying to not do as much, to keep a simple trip.”

Starks said she thinks the money they raise will be enough to go on a good trip. Senior Rylie Thompson had the same idea. 

“[I hope we raise enough so that] if we go shopping or out to eat, we don’t have to bring our own pocket money. We can spend more,” she said.

The deadline to buy fruit is Nov. 3, and after that the fruit is being delivered on Dec. 11.