Flu Vaccines


Written by Rachel Ward, staff member

Flu vaccines have been around for years, and millions of people get them every year, but is the vaccine helping them or hurting them? The flu is an epidemic that happens across the globe and is highly contagious. More than likely, you have had the flu yourself on multiple occasions. The vaccine is available every year to protect you from getting the flu, but is it safe? 

Just this year, the numbers from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) showed that the flu vaccine has only been 9% effective against the flu. For years, they have released data on how effective this vaccine really is, and the numbers continue to plummet. So why are they still encouraging the vaccine? Most vaccines are not considered to be effective until they reach at least 90% effectiveness, and this vaccine averages about 40%. The CDC continues to make changes to the vaccines annually, but what are they adding and taking out that our bodies are foreign to? 

The flu hospitalizes around 200,000 people every year, which is an alarming number. What these hospitals don’t tell you is during these winter months, they count every patient that comes in with pneumonia, respiratory and circulatory illness, which isn’t caused by just getting the flu. 

According to government officials, the flu vaccine has been known to cause harm to the human body, including pneumonia, respiratory and circulatory illness. The flu vaccine can be causing you to get the flu and other underlying health issues that most people don’t ask or know the possibility of getting. They assume they are being healthy in fighting against the flu when in reality, they are doing nothing.