Fundraising begins for senior trip

Written by Stephanie Brozovich, editor-in-chief

With a new year and new seniors, planning for the senior trip takes place early on. To start, the senior class is deciding where to go and raising money for the trip. On Oct. 16, the seniors began their annual fruit and meat fundraiser. 

“The products are my favorite thing about this fundraiser,” Jaden Herndon said. “I know the products are pretty good. Best oranges I’ve ever had.”

To start the fundraising, seniors attended a meeting held on Oct. 16. During this meeting, the seniors were given information about the fundraiser itself and the catalogs with the items being sold. The items in these catalogs include various fruit and meat items. 

“I like the items being sold,” Bailey Barkley said. “Fruit is more common and a better option.”

Seniors had approximately two weeks to sell as many items as they could. On Oct. 31, the fundraising ended. After the fundraiser, the money raised by each senior goes towards his or her payment for the senior trip. The trip will be later in the following spring, with the location still being decided by the seniors. If a senior did not sell any items, they can still attend the trip but will have to pay in full rather than using raised money. Senior class sponsors Bryan Bates and Jenifer Kunz are tallying up the results as students turn their forms in.

“I feel the fundraiser will be pretty successful and that we’ll raise a lot of money from it,” Austin Gibbs said.