Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Written by Samantha Buck, staff member

What are your plans for next year? 














Kyler Alloway- Go to college










Kylie Ast-  My plans for next year are to go to college to get my MSN and counseling degree to be a counselor and a nurse at a children’s hospital 










Philip Ast- Go to college


What is your favorite high school memory? 

Alloway – Playing football with some good friends

Kylie- My favorite high school memory is when Bailey fell into the river after trying to get Madison off of the swing 

Philip- Blowing a tire


What advice do you have for next year’s seniors? 

Alloway- Don’t take it too seriously

Kylie- I advise that you do not procrastinate and go to as many college visits as you can

Philip- Don’t procrastinate