Students celebrate winter homecoming


Photo by Stephanie Brozovich

After the results were announced, candidates Koester and Boyles pose for pictures. The ceremony announcing these winners was held after the boys game on Feb. 1.

Written by Stephanie Brozovich, editor-in-chief

The class competitions for this homecoming were tight between juniors and seniors. At the end of the week, though, the seniors came out on top.

One major part of the week is dressing up for a spirit day every day. The student body recognized spirited students from each class and voted on a “most spirited” at the end of the week. The winners of this vote were freshman Nathan Doffing, sophomore Sadie Schmanke, junior Seth Osner, senior Audrey Doffing, and English teacher Kristy Martin.

“The dress up days were kinda repetitive, so I feel we could change it up, but they were still easy to dress up for, and it was fun,” Schmanke said.

Another competition for the students is the search for the medallion. One clue a day was given as to where it could be found. This year the medallion was hidden in science teacher Brent Martens’s room behind the periodic table, and it was found by the sophomore class.

Near the end of the week, students participated in two more class competitions: wall decorating and lip sync. Wall Decorating took place Thursday night. The results were given the next day, revealing the winner to be the senior class, with the junior class as runner up. On the final day of the homecoming week, lip sync was held during A.P. The winning class of the 2019 lip sync was the senior class, with juniors again taking runner up.

The theme for the 2019 Winter Homecoming was “The Show Must Go On.”

“I like getting together with friends and being spirited and showing pride in your school,” freshman Lauren Mercer said.

The major event of homecoming occurred Friday night, when the homecoming game and ceremony was held. The girls varsity basketball team played first, followed by the varsity boys. The girls beat Kingman 44-30, and the boys lost 38-50.

After the boys game was finished, the homecoming ceremony began. Candidates were introduced: Maddie Koester and Cooper Boyles; Rachel Stuhlsatz and Dominic Pauly; Leah Reep and Travis Willson; and Lexi Fisher and Ryan Zoglmann. The 2019 homecoming queen was Koester, and king Boyles.

“I was trying not to faint,” Boyles said. “I had a rush of adrenaline.”