Spanish classes attend first field trip opportunity


Photo by Lakin Davis

Written by Stephanie Brozovich, editor-in-chief

The Spanish classes of the high school attended the first “field trip” arranged by teacher Sally Hardy. On Nov. 30, Mrs. Hardy took those who signed up to a restaurant. The catch though, was the students had to order their food in Spanish.

“I thought it was a good experience getting to speak with someone who speaks Spanish, not just in a classroom,” freshman Emily Heimerman siad.

This field trip was to help the students gain practice speaking in and listening to Spanish. Mrs. Hardy said she felt there was more to the trip than just getting out of school and going out to eat.

“I also wanted the kids to try authentic Mexican food because for most it’s going to Taco Bell, and they think it’s Mexican food, which it really isn’t,” Hardy said

Mrs. Hardy said she would like to make this a tradition; however, she doesn’t want to take as many students. What sparked the idea was the fact Spanish I had finished a foods unit, and it was perfect timing to practice what they learned. After she decided to take the Spanish I students, she wanted to take her other classes as well since they didn’t get to go before. If this does become a tradition, she does not want to take the other classes. However, she felt the field trip was successful and that the kids enjoyed it, so she would like to keep going on this trip.

“I think it would be a good tradition to gain experience speaking in Spanish,” freshman Emma Zoglmann said.